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Hosting a Course

We are offering a great opportunity for any department or agency to host any one of our training courses. This is a very cost effective and wise use of your limited training time and funds. By bringing the training to your agency, you’re saving dollars on transportation, lodging, and other costs. Plus your officers are only out of service for a limited amount of time.​

Our courses specialize in staged crime scene investigation, adult sex crimes investigation, child abuse investigation, digital evidence for detectives, forensic aspects of death investigation, and bloodstain pattern analysis.

For hosting an event that meets the minimum requirement of 15 students, we will provide two training slots at no charge. Once attendance is increased to 25 students we will provide a total of 5 slots at no cost to the host agency. Although we have a minimum requirement of 15 we really have no maximum and are generally only limited by the host’s facility.

To host a course the agency is only required to provide the necessary audio and visual equipment and a suitable and comfortable location that will hold all of the attendees. We would also rely on the hosting agency to assist Second Look in local advertising and recruiting other students to attend the course. We can also provide brochures or flyers to assist in recruiting efforts. Classes will also be noted on our website and other online locations.

We also encourage you to look out for potential partner agencies such as county or state agencies to help with the recruiting.

For those agencies that request training for their agency only, a flat fee can be arranged. For further information please contact us; we can work it out.

Our courses are primarily designed as 2-3 day training events, but we do also offer 4-5 day training courses.